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Terms and Conditions
Delivery in 2-4 days
All products in the warehouse and are transported by Finnish Postal servises (Itella) following working day (Mon-Fri before 1.00pm paid orders will be shipped on the same day the post ) . An exception is the special pre-order items with a context clearly indicates that it is a pre-order.

Example of order flow :
1 Order on Monday at 10 am and will be paid at the same time ( for example, PayPal or Checkout )
2 We will send the order thru post office on Monday, at 16 ( or at the latest on Tuesday at 16)
3 Order will arrive on Tuesday at 16 subscriber to the nearest Post office ( or at the latest on Wednesday at 16)
4 The customer can pick up the package tracking code for displaying on Tuesday at 16 after ( or at the latest on Wednesday at 16 after )

Order Tracking
All orders will received an automatic order confirmation e-mail. In addition, when a packet is transferred to the post servises we will send the tracking code via email or SMS. Package can be tracked thru website.

Shipping methods and rates

Store Pick-up no charge EUR 0.00.
Order must be ordered through the web shop and picked up from the store.

Home Delivery ( Itella Express Flex, only Finnish national option), price EUR 12.50
Order delivered to the recipient home at the appropriate time . The service is always a phone call to the time of delivery schedules. You will also receive order confirmation (e-mail , and SMS ) tracking code , which you can follow the progress of the package mail - website.

Pick-up from your local Post office (Itella Economy, Only Finnish national option) price EUR 8.90
Get your shipment to your own post office . Order will be delivered on the next working day at 3.00pm at the latest. If the recipient can not be reached, a notification of arrival is delivered to the recipient. Pick-up always from the post office. You will also receive order confirmation (e-mail , and SMS ) tracking code , which you can follow the progress of the package mail - website.

International Shipping Inside Europian Region ( Itella Parcell Servises ) , Starting from 4,00 euro per shipment
All order insize EU region are weight based shipments starting from 4,00euro to 25,00euro on bigger shipments that are heavyer or take more space to ship. Order will be delivered whitin 5-10 bussiness days to the local post office.

International Shipments Outside Europian Region ( Itella Parcell Servises ) , Starting from 10,00 euro per shipment
All orders outsize EU reginion are weight based shipments starting from 10,00euro to 55,00euro on bigger volumes that are more heavy anf take more space to ship. Order will be delivered whit in 7-20 bussiness days to the local post office.

NEW! Smart Post ( Package Automat, Only Finnish national option)price EUR 5.00
Get your goods from the selected mail box vending machine at your local shopping mall. You get a text message from a received broadcast. Find your nearest automaton Post website.

Payment , terms and conditions
An order can be paid in advance or by invoice. All international payments must be payed in advance.

Nordea Solomaksu
Credit union online payment
Savings , local cooperative banks , Aktia, Noah ( Sp / POP ) , the online payment
Sampo's online payment
Handelsbanken's online payment
Tapiola's online payment
S- bank online payment
The Bank of Åland online payment
Credit card payment ( eg credit cards Municipal Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and American Express)

PayPal online payment (International payment gate) All internaional payment must be payed thru PayPal payment gate.
Payment by transfer
NEW! Collector invoice 30-60 days . Bill collector, a new service that allows you time to pay 30-60 days or a desire to share payment of 24 months. To ask for more .
Coming soon . Invoice for payment in 14 days. Klarna invoice service using the client must be 18 years of age and credit history in order. Read more about the bottom of this page
Coming soon . Invoice hire for up to 24 months. Klarna invoice service using the client must be 18 years of age and credit history in order. Read more about the bottom of this page

Collector invoice / payment / Retail Invoice
Invoice , Invoice has up to 60 days interest-free period . You can pay the entire bill on the due date or split the amount in installments.

Part payment ; Collector Commerce allows you to decide how much you pay for I month. The minimum amount to be paid is shown on the invoice . You can also at any time to pay the full outstanding amount , and thus to stop the payment of partial payments . Payment can be divided into no more than 24 months, or 36 months

Shop Sunset , You will receive an invoice either in the store when shopping online or decrease can also be sent to your home by mail or e-mail. Liver laskullamme when it 's convenient for you . Once you have received an invoice , you can decide when and how to pay for it.

Want to hear more ?
Contact us by e-mail customer service .

Or call +358 20-743 49 17

Klarna invoice / payment ( Not for the time being . Coming soon )
You can choose to pay for the "lower 14 pvää " payment method at first only 9.00 euros. In this case, the invoice is automatically part-payment , where you can choose the size of the monthly payment ( but not less than 1/24 the total bill and a minimum of 8.95 EUR) . In addition, all of your purchases combined on one monthly invoice. Klarna partial payment annual interest rate of 22%. Service provided by Klarna Oy, and the user must be 18 years of age and credit history in order. Detailed terms of the account you will find at

Documents and Taxes
All orders are will be submitted whit list of items attached to the shipment. The list has breakdown of all prices inluding, dicounts, taxes, shipping charges and any other charges inluded to the order been send.

Customer returns and exchanges
All ordered products have 14 days exchange or return policy. The returned product must be unused and in original packaging . All offers and discounted products do not have refund or exchange rights. Any defective products will be estimated if the product can be repaired or will it be replaced whit whit a new product equivalent the defective product.

Clobber Helsinki will not handle any self-organizational returns. If this event will take place Clobber Helsinki will charge 30% restocking penalty fee from the value of the shipment + the incurred shipping charges that will be permimmed from the repayment. 

Privacy and data protection
Our customers' information is kept confidential. Information can be used in customer relationship management, contacts , marketing, and for other purposes related to online services . The customer may choose to prohibit the use of the data . Read more about the Register.

Reliable operation of the

Clobber Helsinki is committed to the principles of good trading rules of the game .